Over de HARC


Marianne Hissink (Penningmeester)

When others describe my character, they always include; enthusiastic, driven, accurate and a doer.
I have been working in the capital goods industry (automating packaging lines) for 25 years and worked as a general manager at intrion.nl until 2012.
After that I was fortunate enough to have lived and worked in France for a number of years and have now been back in the Netherlands for a year, which is another wonderful adventure.
Back in the Netherlands I work full-time again in our own company H&S Packaging and do all financial and secretarial matters there.
Cars, and especially classic models from the 1960s, preferably well-worn and unrestored, have a great attraction.

Jeroen van Eijsden


Onno Vlaanderen (Chairman)

For years Onno has been active in historic motorsports, for example in Squadra Bianca, the Alfa Romeo Challenge and the NK HTGT, in which he won the championship twice in the class up to 2 liters. Onno, who is active since the eighties with his nationwide operating architectural firm, was Vice Chairman of the HARC since 2012 and Chairman since 2022. He was also part of the Board Section Autosport of the KNAF.

Haico van der Heijden (Head of TC)

Started 10 years ago at the MSA in England and now for 6 years as Head of TC at the HARC. Is mainly concerned with technical matters, development of new tools and regulations. For questions he can usually be found in the TC building. During the week he is active in commerce for large windmills at sea, but in the weekend he wants to get rid of excess fossil fuel in one of his classic cars.

Donovan Wolfrat (Events Manager)

Once started as a gardener and via workshop manager of Ford dealer soon started his own company All-round Housing that is active in the housing market with luxury rental, purchase/sale and management. Inspired entrepreneur who, in passing, became 3x Dutch champion competition dancer and was introduced to HARC by Kees Kooij to join for a few hours... as secretary/treasurer. Followed the race course and now leads his class with BMW in the Toyo Tires NK HARC 82-90.