Free Practice

The HARC offers a number of times a year the opportunity to drive on track days at a reduced rate. There is no competition in driving, everyone is free to test, train or track experience. Also, these are pre-eminent days to get acquainted and as preparation for those who plan to go racing. It also offers non-racing members of HARC the opportunity to drive on the track. All in all, popular days with many participants who have a great day in a good atmosphere and with respect for each other, it is pure enjoyment.


No racing license is required to participate, just a valid driver's license. At the beginning of the day, the car will be inspected for safety, a subject that the HARC considers of paramount importance. Different requirements apply to a race car than to a street car. Depending on the class in which is driven, the car is checked with the aim of keeping it as safe and therefore as enjoyable as possible for everyone.


The participants are divided into 4 groups:

Group 1

Regular (modern and historic) street cars (without roll cage and other track modifications; approved helmet is mandatory, a fire extinguisher is strongly recommended);

Group 2

Non-licensees with race cars (roll cage, approved helmet, fireproof clothing and fixed fire extinguisher required);

Group 3

Licensees with race cars (roll cage, approved helmet, fire resistant clothing, arm restraint and fixed fire extinguisher mandatory);

Group 4

Monopostos and "Donkervoort-like" cars, such as Lotus 7, Caterham and Westfield (approved helmet, fireproof clothing and fixed fire extinguisher mandatory).


It is imperative (Group 1) that there are no loose items in the car on the rear shelf or back seat. Make sure that the tire pressure is a little higher (+ 0.3 atm) and that the oil level in the crankcase is a little higher (+ 0.25 l) and the shock absorbers are in good working order. Check for oil and coolant leakage.

For Groups 2-3 and 4, racing clothes are mandatory, as well as the wearing of an armrestraint. Wearing an approved helmet is of course mandatory for all groups.
When registering via the website, you will be asked to sign a digital disclaimer and to familiarise yourself with the flag signals and other game rules by means of the digital briefing.

Before the start there will be an extra briefing where the rules will be explained again by Paul van Stenis, everyone's presence is required. It is prohibited to bring passengers on the track with the exception of a KNAF certified instructor. Cars must be equipped with a towing eye or towing device at the front and rear to prevent unnecessary delay in case of towing.

Noise Protocol

Noise is an important issue on the circuit and agreements have been made with the municipality and the province. In this context, a limit of 88 db for cars from Group 1 and a maximum of 92 db for cars from groups 2-3-4 apply. This is monitored. If exceeded, a warning will follow, the next violation, the driver is excluded from further participation.


For novice drivers there is a possibility to get instruction from a KNAF certified instructor. Please ask for this at registration. There are also always experienced, racing HARC members present who are happy to give tips.


HARC members have priority in registering for the Free Ride days, up to 10 days before the event. Registration takes place via the website, in order of receipt. HARC members are only eligible for discount if the membership fee has been paid. Given the growing interest, it is not advisable to wait until the day before the event or on the day itself to register. In the past this has resulted in unnecessarily long queues, which in turn has compromised the inspection of the car and other preparations.

Registration, signing the release and briefing and payment are done in advance via the website. At the registration desk, you then only need to show your valid driver's license (or a valid license for group 3).

Circuit agreements

It is explicitly only allowed to park behind the pitboxes if a pitbox is rented. The reservation of a pit box at Circuit Zandvoort can only be made online via the following link: pit box reservation.
The maximum speed for all vehicles in the paddock is 30 km/hour. The house rules and the paddock regulations of Circuit Zandvoort apply. The maximum speed in the pitlane is 40 km/hour, this will be checked by the marshals. The pitlane is accessible through Pitbox 0.


As a driver you are responsible for damages to the track and other objects on Circuit Zandvoort. Hereby a global summary of the associated costs.

Tire package € 150,-- each row;
Rubber mat € 275,--;
Tecpro Barrier € 900,--;  
Goardrail plate € 275,-- p.piece;
guardrail post € 75,--p.piece;
Guardrail end piece € 125,-- p.piece;
Nordbeton/Spengler Barrier € 1.500,--p.piece;
Nordbeton/Spengler Door € 4.000,--p.piece;
FIA Fence € 2.000,-- p.5 meter;
Public Fence € 200,-- p.5 meter;
Oil powder €25,-- p.bag;
Sweeper € 50,-- p.15 min;
Recovery truck € 50,-- p.15 min;
Fire extinguisher €125,-- p.piece;
Extinguishing kettle € 335,-- p.piece. 

Covid-19 Measures

In order to make it possible to have free riding after the Corona pandemic, we have made arrangements with Circuit Zandvoort on how we can organize this. You understand that this can only take place under strict agreements, which also must be respected in connection with everyone's health and safety. In other words, it is of the utmost importance - even after the relaxation - that all participants conform to the then current rules. This is the only way we can make it an enjoyable activity, as you are used to from the HARC.

Follow the instructions for a smooth and safe course and keep at all times the 1.5 m distance, as indicated. The inspection takes place by driving through the pit box.

Registration / Checking / Scrutineering in pit box 23/24

08.00 - 08.30 signing in / scrutineering group 1 (street cars - standard class)
08.20 - 08.45 sign up/checkout group 2 (race cars, non licence holders)
08.20 - 08.45 sign up/test group 3 (race cars, license holders)
08.45 - 09.00 sign up/approval group 4 (monopostos and Lotus7 like cars)
In order not to let the queues get too long, we kindly ask you to stick to these times.

Mandatory briefing (digital and physical) & Indemnification (digital)

These forms will be sent to you digitally after registration. We kindly but urgently ask you to sign them digitally in advance or print them out and sign them so you can hand them in completely filled in at the inspection.

Briefing in front of pit box 25

08.30 - 08.45 hrs Group 1 - 2 - 3
09.00 - 09.15 hrs Group 4

Session times free practice

Group 1 09.00 - 09.30 / 11.05 - 11.35 / 13.55 - 14.10 hrs.
Group 2/3 09.35 - 10.25 / 11.40 - 12.30 / 14.15 - 15.05 / 15.45 - 16.30 hrs.
Group 4 10.30 - 11.00 / 12.35 - 13.05 / 15.10 - 15.40 / 16.35 - 17.00 hours
Break 13.05 - 13.55 hrs.

Prices free practise:

Entry group 1: € 140,-- HARC members, € 190,-- non-members
Entry group 2: € 270,-- HARC members, € 370,-- non-members
Entry group 3: € 270,-- HARC members, € 370,-- non-members
Entry group 4: € 240,-- HARC members, € 320,-- non-members

These are standard prices, they can differ per event.

The reservation of a pit box at Circuit Zandvoort can only be made online through the following link: pit box reservation.