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Red Bull Ring, Red Bull Ring Str. 1, 8724 Spielberg, Oostenrijk

The names of the racing series on the grid at Spielberg read like a Who’s Who of historic racing: the Red Bull Ring will quake to the sound of Golden Era Touring Cars, the Boss GP, the Youngtimer Touring Car Challenge, the 500 Owners Association, NK 82-90, CanAm & Sportscars and the Alfa Revival Cup.

And it won’t just be the historically authentic vehicles that will take you on a journey through time. Star names from the past will be climbing into the cockpits, including former touring car drivers Harald ‘Nippel’ Grohs, Kris Nissen and Peter Mücke.

The Red Bull Ring Classics will treat motorsport enthusiasts to an experience of racing as it was in the good old days. In the star-studded paddock, many an ailing automotive diva will be resuscitated with precious spares sourced from around the world.

The cars from back then obviously cannot match those of today for the sophistication of their technology. In terms of chassis, engine, gearbox, brakes or aerodynamics, the racing cars of today are simply better. Nevertheless, the appeal of historic models remains undiminished – even for the younger generation of motorsport fans.

7-9 juni - Red Bull Ring Classics. Spielberg, Oostenrijk  € 950,--  100 minuten rijtijd

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Red Bull Classic, HARC NK 82-90